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We design and fabricate high quality custom rugs. This site is focused on YOU, our commercial clients: Small business owners, Universities, Government, and Fortune 500 companies. Since 1991.

Custom Fabrication

Each project is a unique creation. All rugs are fabricated using an inlay technique where all the colors are cut and inlaid into the main field color.

Design and Illustration

We can create a digital design layout of your project. Unlimited revisions as needed. Custom rug sizes start at 3′ x 3’… up to 30′

Special Events

Take your event to the next level with a custom logo rug. We can help you build any logo rug you need. Any size.


Government projects are always in demand at City, State, and National levels, this includes Military – Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army, and Space Commands.

Locker Rooms

Attention coaches! We specialize in Locker Room projects… any size! Go wall to wall with all new carpet, or add to your existing room with a smaller logo rug. Quick tip: tell us the size you need when you request a Quote.

Trade Shows

Trade-shows require logo rugs in all sizes, scaling up to 20 x 20 and sometimes larger. Order all new carpet w/ Logo inset, or get a small logo rug to add to your existing set-up.


Expect a quick response to your quote request! Quick tip – Send us an image of your logo and specific size you need for faster estimate.

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